Clock TalkTime - English

CLOCK TalkTime will speak to you, and tell you the time each hour.

One might tell you, that this is an easy to use app with a pretty interface.
In reality, the graphics are not important, the interface is not important, the app you are installing is usually not needed to be rerun or be started up ever again.

It does not matter what you are doing, browsing the net, chatting on the net, playing a game, jogging around with iPhone telling you directions, having a phone call on your iPhone, reading a book or listening to music on your iPod, watching a video, searching the TV programs, or just watching TV, with your iPad switched off (not powered down..).
In our case this is the truth, with CLOCK TalkTime the voice announcements will probably be getting to you anyway.

You just need to listen.
Clock TT is one of the few apps, which you will benefit from without touching your phone, or even looking at your phone.

The link to us you may find in the app itself.

Remember grandfather’s clocks, cuckoo clocks? Well, consider this the ‘smartCLOCK:-)’ version of such clocks, and this one even fits into your pocket. This simple to use CLOCK app from the TalkTime family of apps helps you to be aware of the time all the time.

Several languages and dialects are available at start. And with next versions we intend to extend the list of the available languages, perhaps with a little help also from you..