Problems with our apps?

Some users reported problems with the apps.


The apps are working fine also under iOS7!!

If no sound is coming from the background, please check these device settings:

1. Do not disturb should be OFF.

    Under do not disturb manual or scheduled modes the apps will not speak 

    from the background during the do not disturb intervals!

2. Sounds/Ringer and Alerts volume control should be set so that you hear the sounds.

    When the app is running in the background, it is sending you alert sounds. Alert sounds are

    affected by these settings.

3. Notification Center/app name/Sounds should be ON.

In some rare cases (after an upgrade) you need to delete the app and redownload it to get back normal functions.

Each app contains a mail link back to the developers,

for support and for all your asks, needs, problems and questions, for the pat on the back or for the curses.